Free Webinar: ALAN and YRC Freight Present “Freight 101”

Thursday, December 11, 2014, 2:00 PM EST
The ability to quickly deliver aid to disaster survivors is key to alleviating suffering and kick-starting the recovery process. When as much of 80% of spending goes towards logistics, being more efficient with packing and shipping can have a significant impact on the amount of materials you are able to deliver and how rapidly you can get them to those who most need them.

In this webinar, James Fox, Senior Account Executive for Associations with YRC Freight, will provide a detailed introduction on what you need to know when shipping via a commercial transportation company.  He’ll describe your responsibilities, as well as how to properly package, stack, and label your shipment.  He’ll also explain the importance of accurate paperwork, and offer tips on what to look for when receiving the shipment. This webinar is limited to 150 attendees.  Click here to register today:


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