Because ALAN is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, financial support from individuals, corporations, and foundations is vital to our work. Donations keep us poised and ready to act during times of crisis; enable year-round outreach efforts linking businesses, government, and relief organizations; and support our work matching urgent relief needs on the ground with potential providers.

ALAN makes giving secure and easy. Please consider a monthly gift to keep ALAN nimble and ready to respond when called upon.

  • Use the secure form below to make an online donation.
    Select “Pledge” to make a recurring donation.
  • Call Penelope Menzies, Board Member, at 443-871-9203
    to make a donation via phone.
  • Mail your check, payable to the American Logistics Aid Network, to
    3010 Saddle Creek Road, Lakeland, FL 33801.
  • Donate your unused gift card balance.



Here are three good reasons to support ALAN:

ALAN provides a smart solution to disaster relief.

  • We enable supply-chain providers to support disaster relief in ways that highlight their strengths and engage their business interests.
  • We provide logistics expertise and services to relief organizations, enabling them to focus on what they do best.

ALAN saves money and eliminates duplication of effort.

  • Communities and relief agencies in the grip of disaster make requests to ALAN for specific goods, services, and other essential support. We then match those needs with businesses that can help.
  • Our efficient system ensures that your donation achieves maximum impact in helping disaster victims.

ALAN works throughout the year to promote readiness and cooperation in times of crisis.

  • ALAN’s network brings relief agencies and commercial and military logistics providers together, helping them to build relationships and learn from each other.
  • ALAN network members enhance their capacity across the board, whether for disaster relief, economic efficiency, or national security. As a result, everyone is better prepared to face emergencies.

Thank you for your support!

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