Hurricane Situation Report 2017-09-10

September 10, 2017 – Hurricane Irma Strikes Florida’s West Coast, Hurricane Harvey Recovery


Hurricane Irma continues to batter the Florida peninsula, and will likely maintain hurricane strength until Monday morning and then continue to weaken over the next 72 hours. Please refer to the National Hurricane Center and the National Weather Service for current and local forecasts for storm surge, wind, rain, and tornados.

This is a VERY powerful storm with the potential to disrupt and damage infrastructure, including power delivery and fuel distribution networks. These impacts may result in extended timelines to restore and rebuild this infrastructure. Additional notes in the OCIA assessment below.

We’ve heard from a few of you today regarding what information is critical to get your employees back to work, and have included information on power outages / restoration, curfews, access and re-entry, and open source ways to locate your employees who may be displaced. Please continue to share that information with us.

A very grateful thank you to all of you who continue to support our responses to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and a special thank you to those who have checked in on my family and me. We are safely out of Florida on a planned visit to DC.

Today’s Takeaways:

A continued REQUEST FOR INFORMATION from you as you are recovering from Hurricane Harvey or/and have prepared your response to Hurricane Irma.

What questions do you have that would help you better prepare your business and employees to return to work after Harvey/Irma?

What resources/websites are you using in deciding to open/close your business that you find particularly useful? Let us know.

View POWER RESTORATION INFORMATION and other important resources for businesses.

FLORIDA CURFEW INFORMATION is available from a variety of sources, including news stations. One source is:

If you are seeking information on EMPLOYEES WHO ARE DISPLACED, two sources of public data for individuals to register are Red Cross Safe and Well and Facebook Safety Check

GETTING BACK TO WORK: UPDATED FOR ALL SOUTHEASTERN STATES: Guidance for businesses needing access to their facilities in areas where access is being restricted due to damages from Hurricane Irma is now posted here. Be advised that Local Law Enforcement and Public Safety Forces may restrict access to areas due to safety concerns. Please ensure you have informed the respective state private sector contact that you are planning to/attempting to enter an area before doing so.

The DHS Office of Cyber and Infrastructure Analysis (OCIA) has released an executive summary with projected IMPACTS TO TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS in West Florida from Hurricane Irma. Note that this analysis is based on the forecast from midday Sunday, 9/10/2017.

OCIA assesses that Hurricane Irma will have a medium local impact to all Transportation Systems assets in northwestern Florida to central Alabama. This assessment covers the northwestern portion of Florida, and southwest Georgia to central Alabama. Most transportation assets in the affected areas will shut down during the storm. Recovery efforts can take days to weeks in the most affected areas, depending on the transportation mode, level of damage, and restoration priorities. Port facilities at the Port of Panama City are closed to inbound traffic and will experience low physical damage due to storm surge and wind damage. Flights cancellations at affected commercial airports will continue due to high winds and power outages, with restoration of commercial operations once the storm has passed and damage assessments and inspections are completed. Interstates, state highways, and local roads will be blocked by storm surge and debris, hindering evacuations and emergency response. Freight and passenger rail in northwestern Florida through central Alabama have temporarily suspended operations in preparation for Hurricane Irma.

The State of Florida and FEMA both have Business Emergency Operations Centers to support the private sector with information. Register for the Florida BEOC at and the National BEOC at: Another source of consolidated information is the NEMA/IAEM Unifed Information Portal which does not require registration. If your business is seeking information that you are unable to locate, please let us know and we will work to source it for you.

We continue working to match all of the offers submitted. Please keep them coming, as the needs are great and will be for some time. New needs are being posted to our map Requests for Harvey are in a slight lull right now as recovery activities are underway. We are “cleaning up” the needs list this weekend and anticipate a significant amount of requests will arrive following Irma’s weekend landfall. Many of the offers we are receiving are for paid activities. ALAN does not purchase logistics services but is capturing these offers and referring them to organizations who may be able to utilize them.

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