Hurricane Situation Report 2017-09-23

September 23, 2017

Maria Response, Irma, Harvey Recovery

Our response activities for Hurricanes Maria, Irma, and Harvey continue. Thank you all for supporting our work through donated services, message amplification, and financial support. We are grateful for you!

Current situation in the Caribbean

Logistics challenges abound in the Caribbean, especially in Puerto Rico and on St. Croix. While fuel is available, lines are very long. Airports have large backlogs due to the volume of shipments. Power restoration is proceeding, and supplies to rebuild are arriving on the island, but the reconstruction process takes time. Priority for power is focused on hospitals, water plants, and ports. Communications outages in PR are at greater than 95%. This is due to a variety of issues, not excluding generator failures due to lack of fueling. On St. Croix, 911 services are down. Also of note is that Puerto Rico is the source of many “medically important drugs” which are shipped to the continental US and other locations. These manufacturing facilities are also on the list for priority power restoration. Banks are looking to ensure citizens have cash to purchase supplies as stores slowly come back online.

The interdependencies between fuel, power, water, communications, and finances should be obvious to us as supply chain professionals. So again, a plea for assistance regarding the status of your supply chains in the Caribbean. How much is available in the disaster area? How much is available to ship? How quickly can additional be procured / manufactured? The answers to these questions are especially critical related to food, water, and pharmaceuticals. Please contact us at to share any insights you may have. And remember, there are lots of things WE CAN DO.

Priority logistics needs tonight are as follows:

  • Transportation of 9 pallets of tarps from Los Angeles, CA to Miami Airport
  • Information on supply chain activities (see above)
  • ALAN is seeking volunteers! Looking for a way to use your logistics, marketing, admin, technology, or customer service skills to serve those in crisis? We have a role for you! Contact us today!

Donating and Volunteering for Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration has issued guidance on how best to help the recovery efforts.  Please share this information broadly:


Hoping you have a restful Sunday.


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