Hurricane Situation Report 2017-09-29

September 29, 2017

Maria Response, Irma, Harvey Recovery

Tonight’s top takeaways:

ALAN’s response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, along with the earthquake in Mexico City continues, with open requests actively being worked by ALAN team members. We are updating the needs lists and will post to our logistics map.

ALAN and LIFT continue to host a daily private sector supply chain coordination call for Hurricane Maria. To request access to this call, please email Today’s issues that were raised, with status.

  • LIFT working to establish air and sea bridges to support government, businesses and non-profits. The process for businesses to request transport of cargo has been established and shared on the shipping request form:
  • There is a need to understand short, mid, and long term fuel requirements for running generators. Team members are tracking down details. Information can be shared here:
  • Clearing containers from the port: There is a manual process for collecting taxes that is running very smoothly and the maximum delay in port is 1 hour. The manual process evaluates the incoming items and priorities accordingly – food, federal response items, etc.  Revenue is collected on site 24 hours prior for non-bonded carriers.  Those with a bond do not have the on-site requirement because there are other mechanism to collect.  This is effect for all San Juan se ports.
  • There is an ongoing request to understand the availability of cash on island. The question has been raised on the NBEOC call as well.
  • Team members are working to understand the capacity constraints for clearing containers from the port. Thanks to association partners IANA for their assistance in finding data.
  • Per request of call participants, the map of open roads will now be updated on NBEOC dashboard daily
  • There is a request for information on curfews and the possibility of waivers for businesses that are open. This issue is being worked.

We are hearing of a number of collection drives occurring for Puerto Rico and other locations on the US mainland and in the Caribbean. Please refer to guidance from National VOAD and the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration regarding how best to help survivors.

Another update on the number to contact to offer truck drivers and equipment. We have been told that the number is not functioning. ALAN is working to track down the must updated information.

DHS and FEMA are holding a daily private sector coordination call at 3 PM Eastern.

Dial-in number and participant passcode/pin: Dial-In #: 800-324-5531 pin: 798364

NBEOC Operations Dashboard:

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