Why should businesses prepare for disaster?

  1. Businesses can be key players in their communities during emergencies. If businesses have prepared themselves and their employees (“put the oxygen mask on yourself first”), they can offer critical support and assistance to emergency management agencies, community and faith-based organizations, and citizens who need help.
  2. During and after disasters, well-prepared businesses can resume operations quickly, provide their employees with paychecks, and help to maintain a functioning economy and tax base in the communities where they operate. According to FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, a successful recovery means that a community’s tax base returns to pre-disaster levels within 5 years.


How should businesses prepare themselves and their employees for disaster?

  1. Create and test emergency response plans: teach employees what to do when disaster strikes, and how to maintain communication with coworkers, family, and the community.
  2. Participate in local, state, and national disaster drills and ensure that the business’ response plan is integrated with those of the larger community.
  3. Help employees create home preparedness plans and kits.
  4. Maintain a dialogue with emergency management agencies and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.
  5. Participate in business emergency operations centers (BEOCs) at local, state, and national levels.


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