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Providing Relief from Daily Disasters
By Richard Sharpe, ALAN vice president, process & technology

When most people think of disaster relief, they think of a major event such as a hurricane which creates significant devastation. In reality, there are disastrous situations occurring every day in our country. A prime example: millions of Americans' struggles with hunger.

Fortunately, Feeding America and its network of food banks is addressing this national problem. Through their work, relief agencies are able to offer a variety of food assistance programs. The end result: nourishing people and building stronger communities.

ALAN is proud to be supporting Feeding America at the upcoming ProMat Expo, and we welcome you to join us.

ProMat Partnership Pays off for Families in Disaster

ProMat 2011 Expo show attendees can gain hands-on experience with disaster relief operations. ALAN is partnering with Feeding America and MHIA to build family food boxes to be used in disaster response. Visitors to ALAN booth #2876 will build a food kit to aid families in the Chicago area.
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FEMA Seeks Volunteers for NDMN Stress Test

In order to see how much activity the National Donations Management Network (NDMN) can handle over a short period of time in the event of an actual Catastrophic Incident, FEMA is conducting a stress test on March 31, 2011. The organization is seeking volunteers to make an offering on the website within a 30-minute window from 2:00 – 2:30 EDT that day. Click here to register for this event.

Be Prepared: Spring Flood Watch

This year's severe winter weather is likely to cause flooding across much of the North Central United States. Now is the time to coordinate your flood response. ALAN encourages you to work with your local government and voluntary agencies to make your community more resilient. For more information or to connect with contacts in your area, contact Kathy Fulton.

Visit for additional information on preparing your home and business for flooding.

ALAN Releases 2010 Annual Report

To learn more about ALAN and how our organization has helped to support many other supply chain relief efforts in the past year, we invite you to download our 2010 annual report.

One Of The Many Faces of ALAN

When severe rains forced Kentucky residents out of their homes last spring, many were unable to return home for several months due to inadequate waste disposal capabilities. FEMA had waste containment units available but no flatbed trailers with which to transport them. ALAN put the organization in touch with, Eric Trout, director of business logistics solutions at Estes Express Lines, and the need was met within 24 hours. "Knowing that some people could not yet return to their homes, we felt a need to provide assistance in any way possible," Trout explains. > Read the case study

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