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Practice Makes Perfect
by Mark Richards, ALAN vice president

Richards"You'll perform the way you practice." These are familiar words to anyone who has been involved in sports, played an instrument, or taken a test. They apply equally well when it comes to disaster relief. Just showing up when a disaster occurs is not enough. To do the most good possible, it's critical to become engaged before a tragedy strikes. You must take time beforehand to understand your strengths and weaknesses, become familiar with the relief agencies in your area, learn where your abilities and resources can have the greatest impact, establish protocols and processes, and simply get to know your "team." We encourage you to join us in practice, so we are all prepared to perform at the top of our game when it matters most.

ALAN Helps Address Relief Needs

In the wake of devastating storms across the U.S., ALAN is working with its relief agency partners to identify crucial needs and communicate them to concerned members of the supply chain community. As needs are identified that can be met through the expertise and resources of ALAN's member base, association members will be notified, and the needs will be posted on the ALAN web portal at and Relief Needs.

New Grants to Boost Aid Efforts

Two major grants announced this week at the Georgia Logistics Summit will help to streamline the humanitarian relief process substantially. ALAN received $25,000 from The UPS Foundation and $50,000 from the Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program, Project on Supply Chain Resilience.

The funds will be used for a new database mapping initiative that will help to automatically identify potential donors with the resources to address specific relief needs. "This is a breakthrough for us and will expand the private sector's opportunities to engage in humanitarian relief efforts," said Jock Menzies, ALAN president. "This is consistent with FEMA's "whole community" approach to preparedness and the President's call to map our national capabilities."
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2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season Approaching

The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins June 1. Predictions call for another above-average season. ALAN will actively monitor weather reports and keep you updated should these storms generate needs that can be met through the expertise and resources of ALAN's member base. Needs will be posted on the ALAN web portal: Pre-register as a portal user.

Hurricane Preparedness Week for 2011 is May 22nd through May 28th. Information on preparedness is available at NOAA's National Weather Service.

One of the Many Faces of ALAN

Bob Liepold

In the aftermath of the March earthquake, ALAN members have kept an ear to the ground in Japan, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Hikaru Kajita, author of ALAN's ongoing blog series chronicling the country's logistics recovery.

Dr. Kajita volunteered to write the blog, so other countries can learn from Japan's experiences in executing and revising their disaster management plans. She hopes that more detailed plans will be developed in the future.

Dr. Kajita is professor of logistics at Takasaki University of Commerce (TUC) in Tokyo. She also provides logistics management training for businesses. We're very grateful to Dr. Kajita – and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals for introducing us to her!