Year End Donations to ALAN

Since many businesses and individuals choose to support American Logistics Aid Network during the month of December, please be aware of the following options and year-end deadlines for providing your gift:

U.S. Mail
Checks or other gifts sent by U.S. Mail must bear a 2014 postmark date on the envelope for it to be counted as a 2014 contribution. Anything after that date, federally, has to be applied as a 2015 gift.
Hand Delivery
Checks, Stocks or other gifts hand-delivered to any ALAN staff or board member must be delivered by midnight on December 31st to qualify as a 2014 gift.
Online Giving
To make your 2014 year-end gift online, please click here. As you submit your gift online, this transaction is time and date stamped, so online gifts must be provided by December 31st to count as a 2014 contribution.
Thanks again for your partnership with American Logistics Aid Network and for generously helping ALAN save lives through logistics!

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